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Wellness is greatly influenced by Life-Style (Swastha-vritta). Ayurveda recognizes the intimate relationship between the individual and the environment. The existence and well-being of man and other living organism depend on the continuous interaction and adjustment between their internal and external environmental factors. 

The seasonal changes and climatic changes have an important effect on the wellness of the elements and it also has an impact on the balance of the bio-energies (doshas) within the body. So, to adjust the body with the changing season Ayurveda has recommended a daily and seasonal specific conduct. These activities help us to cope up with the changes in the environment.

When one fails to adjust or adapt to the environment either due to innate deficiency or due to overwhelming antagonistic environmental factors, it results in lifestyle disease or even premature mortality. 


According to Ayurveda, Lifestyle (the rules and guidelines) is divided into three parts:

1. Dincharya ~ दिनचर्या (Diet and regimen for the daytime)

2. Ratricharya ~ रात्रिचर्या (Diet and regimen for the night)

3. Ritucharya ~ ऋतुचर्या (Seasonal Diet and regimen) and Sandhikala (diet instructions for the joint period of two seasons)


Considering every individual as a unique identity, Manika addresses Lifestyle issues from a Physical, Emotional, Spiritual and Environmental perspective.

On the basis of this Assesment, a personalized recommendation of Ayurvedic Lifestyle is crafted aiming towards Preservation of wellness, Prevention of Ailments, and restoring harmony between 8 Dimensions of Wellness efficiently.


What is Ayurvedic Lifestyle (Swasthavritta)?