Dr.Manika prudently integrates the combination of

  1. Pranayam (Yogic breathing),
  2. Asanas (Yogic postures)
  3. Dhyana (Healing meditation)
  4. Sukshma Vyayama (Micro Exercises)

to address virtually all psycho-somatic problems by enhancing body’s own immune system (Oja) and Harmonizing wholistically.


A wellness Assessment evaluation addressing the wellness concerns from a Physical, Psychological, and Spiritual perspective is performed.

On this Basis, a Personalized Therapeutic Yoga Program is crafted.

Taking patient’s health status and fitness into utmost consideration, Therapeutic Yoga is practiced by itself or as an adjunct to conventional or alternative medical treatment under the careful guidance, aiming towards Preservation of wellness, Prevention of Ailments, Managing Disorders and restoring harmony between 8 Dimensions of Wellness efficiently.


Committed to optimum individualized care, Dr. Manika’s Ayurvedic Wellness Assessment parameters address wellness concerns from a Physical, Emotional, Spiritual and Enviromental perspective, and comprise of:


  1. Genetic Constitution assessment (Prakruti)
  2. Vitiations assessment (Dosha)
  3. Digestion & metabolism assessment (Agni)
  4. Strength & immunity assessment (Bala)
  5. Psychological assessment (Mann)
  6. Nutrition assessment (Ahaar)
  7. Lifestyle assessment (Vihaar)


On the basis of Ayurvedic Wellness Assessment, a personalized recommendation of Ayurvedic Functional Foods will be designed aiming towards Preservation of wellness, Prevention of Ailments and Managing disorders efficiently.

Therapeutic Yoga

Living in Past gives Depression,

Living in Future gives Anxiety,

Harmony with Present enhances Immunity,

Practice of living in present is Therapeutic Yoga