• Eon Wellness Center is a unique integrative practice which provides body and beyond wellness treatments, by offering clinically time-tested, scientific, natural yet modern wellness care. These treatments are designed to complement and support conventional medicine and also, are efficient by itself. 
  • We emphasize on determining and treating the "cause" of the problems, not the symptoms. We consider "every individual as a whole and unique identity". That's why treatments are tailored to the specific individual.
  • We aim to achieve:
  1. Maintaining wellness, through prevention of disease causing elements.
  2. Implementing curative measures for treating a manifested disease or condition.
  3. Establishing rehabilitative measures for recuperation.
  4. Wholesome Well-Being.
  • We provide specialized solutions to treat various categories of diseases that afflict body and mind but efficiency is compromised in all 8 dimensions of wellness (Physical, Emotional, Intellectual, Spiritual, Social, Occupational and Environmental). Wellness Essentials not only aims towards managing and preventing diseases but also,
  1. Presence of purpose in life
  2. Active involvement in satisfying work and play
  3. Joyful relationships
  4. A healthy body and living environment
  5. Happiness and contentment